The Fritz!WLAN Repeater N/G Firmware User Interface [UI] is very similar to that of the Fritz!Boxes.

Work in progress

To access the Repeater UI:

Ensure that the Fritz!Box has the WLAN enabled.
Switch on the Repeater
It takes about a minute to boot up and begin searching for the Network.
When it connects the Repeater Display scrolls it’s IP Address across the screen.

At the Computer open your Browser and type in:


If you have problems with the Browser failing to display the UI enter the Repeater IP Address into the Browser instead of the entry shown above.
If you do not know the IP Address of your Repeater use the Fritz!Box UI and in the left hand Menu navigate to:

Home Network > Network > Devices and Users tab. There you should find an entry for your Repeater and it’s IP Address.

The Repeater UI looks like this:

Work in progress

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