What to Watch Out For

Safety Instructions

When working with the FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390, observe the following security instructions in order to protect yourself and the FRITZ!Box from harm.

• Do not install the FRITZ!Box during an electrical storm.
• Disconnect FRITZ!Box from the power supply during electrical storms.
• Never let liquids get inside the FRITZ!Box. Otherwise, electric shocks or short circuits may result.
• The FRITZ!Box is intended for indoor use only.
• Do not open the FRITZ!Box housing. The device contains hazardous components and should only be opened by authorized repair technicians. You can either place FRITZ!Box on a horizontal surface or mount it on a wall. Please note the following:
• Place or hang the FRITZ!Box in a dry location that is free of dust and protected from direct sunlight.
For ideal operating conditions, mount the FRITZ!Box on a wall with the cables connected on the bottom.
• Do not place FRITZ!Box on excessively heat-sensitive surfaces, as the base of the device can heat up dur- ing normal operation.
• Make sure that the ventilation slits are unobstructed. For this reason the FRITZ!Box should not be placed on a carpet or on upholstered furniture. The ventilation slits provide for air cooling of the FRITZ!Box.
• When connecting FRITZ!Box to your computer using the network, remember to take the length of the ca- ble into account.
Handling the FRITZ!Box
• If you would like to establish wireless connections between FRITZ!Box and the computer, position the device at a central location.
• Make sure to keep sufficient distance from potential sources of interference like microwave devices or electric devices with large metal housings.

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