If you would like to surf the web using the FRITZ!Box or to open the FRITZ!Box user interface, then you must connect a computer with the FRITZ!Box.
A computer can be connected with the FRITZ!Box in two different ways:

• Via a LAN port
• Wirelessly via WLAN

Connection Scenarios : Note the following when connecting computers to the FRITZ!Box.

• One computer can be connected to the FRITZ!Box by only one of these means.
• At each of the network ports of the FRITZ!Box, a com- puter can be connected directly or via a hub/switch.
• Using WLAN you can connect multiple computers with the FRITZ!Box at the same time.
• The way a computer is connected to the FRITZ!Box is the same regardless of the operating system on the computer.
• All of the computers connected with the FRITZ!Box constitute a network.

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