Members wishing to offer their pre-loved FRITZ! Products may use this facility for the purpose of Selling, Buying, Exchanging and Advertising for Acquiring Used FRITZ! Products.
Its use will be confined to only AVM FRITZ! Products that have been used.
All transactions will be solely the responsibility of the individual transaction participants.

Any exchange of goods and money will be at the risk of participants in the transactions, will not accept any liability whatsoever for problems arising from any transaction based on advertisements in this facility. Purchasers must satisfy themselves with regard to functionality of items offered and should only make payment via secure means e.g. PayPal or similar services. will, not settle any disputes arising. reserve the right to block any further participation in transactions by all parties involved in disputes.

Sellers or Advertisers Wanting to Purchase must post a ‘notification of transaction conclusion’ as soon as their Transactions have been completed rendering any further interest irrelevant.
Members co-operation with this aspect will be greatly appreciated by the FRITZ!Forum and the wider community. reserve the right to remove posts in this facility at their discretion.
All posts will be removed as a matter of course after a reasonable time period.

By using this facility all Members participating in any Transaction agree to be bound by these and all other conditions of use in force at the time.

It is anticipated that Transactions will be conducted via Private Message/s, Members using this area should visit their User Control Panel and check that their settings will allow reception of messages.

The following is only offered as a guide all Participants must make their own evaluation of the prospects on offer.
FRITZ!Forum have no desire to dampen the enthusiasm of Participants but feel a need to illustrate some of the points requiring consideration.
All involved in Transactions need to be Up Front and absolutely Clear about What is being Offered, the Condition it is in, the Cost involved including [if applicable] the Shipping, Handling and Insurance Costs.

Give due consideration to all relevant factors e.g:
Mutual Trust needed by all parties involved in any Transaction
Probable lack of Warranty
Consider if the expectations realistic on all sides of the Transaction

If there are any doubts concerning any Transaction it is probably best not to get involved?
Only you can weigh up all the factors involved, and there are more than those covered in this guide
You make the decisions and you shoulder the responsibility

Additionally SELLERS:
Please clearly indicate:
Official FRITZ! Product Name
Model details if not adequately covered by the Official FRITZ! Product Name
Statement as to the Functionality of the FRITZ! Product
Condition highlighting any imperfections preferably by the use of photographs
Approximate Age
Price and Currency Required for the Item/s being offered
Shipping, Handling and Insurance Costs involved
Declare if the FRITZ! Product can be collected in person
Declaration if no Shipping Insurance is available
Provide adequate packaging for protection during shipping

Ensure that the all points above have made available for your consideration.
If possible arrange to Try before you Buy
Please make offers in the Currency requested to avoid confusion later.

Make your own evaluation of the situation before offering any appropriate FRITZ! Product or getting involved in a Transaction.

Sorry about the ‘long’ story, the ‘short’ story is go in with a focused mind and eyes wide open and all parties could be winners?

Enjoy your ‘Transactions’