When I received my 7390 I had the unusual experience of being able to watch it Start Up on many occasions.
This was due to an exceptionally rare occurrence which proved to be a malfunctioning unit. The excellent service on the part of the AVM Distributor and AVM in Berlin maintained my confidence in the product and enlightened me to the depth and quality of their service.

Oh, in case you are wondering I do not work for AVM or any of their Distributors and I am not paid in cash or in kind.
I am an enthusiastic Fritz! User, keen to see others enjoying these great products. But this has nothing to do with Start Up Flashing LED indicators so I will press on.

The object of the following is to alert New Users to the fact that Start Up can seem to be a long process and hopefully this will serve as a guide to the actual progress being made. It may also help to curb impatience to get up and running with the new Fritz!Box?

There are a couple of references to Connecting to the Mains for the first time, in the Users Manual it says:

1. Connect the FRITZ!Box to the power supply unit. Insert
the small plug in the power socket at the right
edge of the socket strip on the FRITZ!Box.
2. Plug the other end into an AC power outlet.
The green “Power/DSL” LED will light up after a few seconds
to indicate that the device is ready for operation.

Whilst in the ‘fold out’ Poster that is included in the 7390 Package it says:

As soon as the connection to the DSL line is ready for operation, the “Power/DSL” LED stops flashing and remains lit up. This process may take several minutes.

IMHO this misses out quite a lot from my experience, it may interest some to learn about the ‘flashing’ sequence?

The following was observed on many occasions as I tried to Start Up a 7390 that had no real intention of booting.
Note that the replacement followed the same sequences of ‘flashing’ but only gave me a single opportunity to observe them .

If any one has a 7390 that is not set up and connected to a functional DSL line it would be great to have confirmation of the Flashing sequence so that the following could be corrected, the grey matter is not what it used to be :lol: .

1. On plugging in the Power Cable to the 7390, then into the Mains Power Outlet then Switching On at the Socket Outlet [Note there is no Power Switch on the 7390] the Power/DSL LED started to Flash after a few seconds.

2. The Power/DSL LED continued to Flash at the rate of approximately once per second for 16 times.

3. Then Power/DSL LED performed a Flash immediately followed by a Second Flash [like a Double Flash (?)].

4. Then it resumed as in 2 and again followed up as in 3.

5. The sequence in 4 was then repeated 4 to 5 more times.

6. At the end of the last sequence the WLAN LED Flashed in unison with the Double Flash

7. Following a Double Flash from the Power/DSL LED the WLAN LED ceased Flashing and remained Steady.

8. The Power/DSL LED followed suit and both LEDs were illuminated constantly.

NB. This has been written out from memory and so they may well be errors.
I would welcome your input to correct the above and will make alterations to it based on your input.

[The following Information come strongly recommended from ISPs and Specialist Forums for those using services from BT (British Telecom)]
Please do NOT be tempted to just try this out for the sake of it.
Switching off your Router Modem should be kept to the absolute minimum if you wish to maintain the best possible Broadband Speed.