FRITZ!Forum KNOWLEDGEBASE - Creating Accessible Information.
FRITZ!Forum are aiming to build a useful and informative Knowledgebase covering the range of FRITZ! Products.
To do this more control has to be exercised than is usual of the average Forum of this type.
FRITZ!Forum hopes that you will not find this too restrictive appreciating instead the improvements in locating information.
The Knowledgebase is considered to be the Read Only Area of each Category.
Although the Knowledgebase will not be directly accessible for input by Members, contributions from Members and other sources will be added with appropriate Links to meaningful Topics that are Credited as explained below.

FRITZ!Forum is a little different to many Forums, these are the main points:

FRITZ!Forum Moderation
1. The FRITZ!Forum has all input moderated, but this will be under constant review.

Anti SPAM!
2. To protect our Members anyone posting SPAM will incur an immediate permanent ban.

F!F KNOWLEDGEBASE is Easy to Find Information
3. Each individual Type and Model across the whole range of FRITZ! Products are channelled into separate Forums. This is possible because of the range of F!Ps covered is relatively small.
These individual FRITZ! Product Forums contain only information, questions and answers about that specific product.
This arrangement has been made in the interests of efficiency when Users are seeking help.
They will only need to search accurately focussed areas covering Products with which they have interests or concerns.

3a. FRITZ!Forum Knowledgebase Spreadsheet
As the F!F Knowledgebase expands information such as F!P-Subject-Section-Hpyerlink to location will be published as Spreadsheet giving access to sophisticated and improved Search facilities. This aspect will initially be a Work in Progress and hopefully with the help of this community become another reason to visit FRITZ!Forum.

Your Input is Vital
4. Members will be able to influence content by contributing meaningful and useful items which will then be ‘harvested’ by copying it from the various appropriate Questions and Comments Forums and pasting it into the FRITZ!Forum Knowledgebase.
The FRITZ!Forum MO is to accumulate information and present it in a manner such that it is easy to access as a reference.
On the basis explained in 3 above, selected content will be copied to the appropriate Knowledgebase area to extract useful and informative material. Also the opportunity will be taken to provide links to the most informative FRITZ!Forum discussions.

Your Signature
5. FRITZ!Forum encourages all Members to construct a ‘Signature’ that indicates their Hardware-Software combo.
Please visit:

Create your ‘useful‘ Signature

FRITZ!Forum knows that this is the first step toward efficient input that will result in the FRITZ!Forum becoming a number one stop on the route to finding out about and resolving issues concerning FRITZ! Products.

Your FeedBack
6. When a Member has gone to the trouble of starting a Topic, they should consider getting the most benefit from their efforts.
Regardless of whether the response received to input was useful, unhelpful or whatever providing FeedBack directly into the Topic in question is THE icing on the cake.
Your FeedBack is of paramount importance as it will enable everyone to learn from the process.
This helps the Helpers, the FRITZ! Community and the Originator of the Topic will ultimately reap benefits and probably much satisfaction in the process.
Thanks in anticipation of you co-operation on this important aspect of FRITZ!Forum life.

Tell Us
7. You are invited to tell us if you feel we could improve the experience of ‘Using the FRITZ!Forum’ by posting at:

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Thanks, Ooops beg your pardon, a big THANKS for reading this far