Fritz!Box - Hardware Firewall

To find out about your Fritz!Box Firewall you may well have travelled the same route as me?

When in doubt, or need of help, read the Destructions [sorry read Instructions ], and where better than the Manual.
I only have personal experience with the 7390 Manual, downloaded as a PDF and viewed in Acrobat, although a similar experience is available by using the free Acrobat Reader.
Also I did not need to make alterations to the Firewall until after switching to Beta Firmware, the current version of which does not have Help Files built in. In fairness the ‘container’ for the Help Files is there but it is not populated with useful content so it may as well be absent.

Typing in Firewall to the Text Search Field it was anticipated that the focus would be switched to the subject matter.
Unfortunately the 7390 Manual is devoid of the word Firewall or words Fire Wall and PDFs are not too picky’ or sensitive about input character case.

My Fritz!Box was supplied with a fold out Poster designed to clearly explain the setting up procedure and this also had no reference to a FireWall.

My search lead me to the AVM Fritz! - Video Clips, that you might like to visit via:

AVM Fritz! - Videos

Click on the link there and view the clip [On-Line]:

The FRITZ!Box Firewall
Functionality and configuration

You can learn that Permit Access [but think Firewall] (Please add your voice to mine in complaining about this oversight in appropriate ‘labelling’ to AVM via their Support System On-Line)] is accessed as shown:

This Screen Shot was taken after I had removed the settings to open a specified port to enable external access for software maintenance. If it had been there it would have been obscured in the interests of security.

Of course you need to know what information to input to achieve your objective, more on this may become available via a How-To at a later date. Meanwhile doing a ‘Google’ [meaning perform a Google Search ] may be a good move?

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