Make sure you are up to date with the latest version of the Fritz!Box BETA [or Lab] Firmware.

The current version at 1st February 2012 is BETA 84.05.07-21362

NB. This Beta Firmware will not operate on all Fritz!Boxes, also there are different Beta Firmware versions for 7390 International Models compared to 7390 Domestic [German] Models. If you have any doubts about compatibility do not try to manually install Firmware.

Locating & Installing FRITZ! Lab BETA Firmware:

NB. If you want to download and install the BETA Firmware be aware of the following:

Read the Instructions for Installing Lab BETA Firmware at:

READ the Instructions for Installing the Lab Version BETA Firmware BEFORE Downloading

Please note that by clicking the link below to proceed to the download you will be confirming that you have read the instructions Linked above!

Also note that AVM DO NOT Offer Support for the BETA Firmware and the Help facility in the current Version is not populated with information.

It is of paramount importance that this BETA Firmware is installed on ‘International’ Versions of the 7390 only, and that it is not installed on any other type of FRITZ!Box.

Also take the opportunity to discover how to revert to the Standard Firmware if you need to do so.[/b]

The BETA Firmware for the FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 International Version is available here:

Download for BETA Firmware - Read Instructions Before Installing

The Next Step:

Probably the most important next move is to BackUp or Save a copy of your Fritz!Box BETA [or Lab] Firmware complete with any Settings that you have made. This can be achieved by following the directions at:

Fritz!Box BETA [or Lab] Firmware BackUp

The Fritz!Box BETA [or Lab] Firmware is very complex and has almost 100 pages, pop ups and message screens available via the User Interface [UI].
Please note that the figure of 100 was a count of screens that could be produced with minimal connections. Add e.g. Analogue Telephone(s) and additional screens become available.

This is a sample of one of these screens:

The Temperature of the 7390 clearly indicates that it does work harder during the day, but the rise in temperature is such that it gives no cause for concern about overheating.

The Topics following on from this will aim to inform and help Users of Fritz!Box BETA [or Lab] Firmware.
If you notice that there are UpDates, which make existing content irrelevant and that escape our notice for more than a couple of days, please give us a ‘nudge’ by sending a Private Message [PM].

You might care to revisit this page occasionally to check the Current Version availability and any special notifications F!F have obtained.

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